Dream Girl (Fe-Style)

Ahhh Could it be it was all so simple then? Before she hit me with that dimple grin. Of the litter I was the runt stimple skin, I would sleep on her. Them corny motherfuckers would spray something cheap on her. I bought her something beautiful that I couldn't keep on her. I'm feelin’ froggy for the doggy I wanna leap on her. Show up unexpectedly, creep on her. Play some, you remind me of my jeep on her. Praises that I heap on her. I said are you really foreal? She said I’m a peep, won't I? My dream girl rode a nightmare into my dream world. Queen, she was just a wanna-bee. Wonder what of kinda queen she want to be, Egyptian? Drama, I see she just wanna be on. So she just wanna be on, or in, a scene as seen on TV or DVD, On the voice or have her voice on CDs and MP3s. The show must go on, so she goes off. Ready to go off a red light, special. Hopefully she get the green, especially before the red light go off. Shorty life hard, but all that so soft. See there’s layers to this, she appeal to the simp in me. I think she’s tempting me. In an attempt to be pimping me, but preemptively I simp-l-y make the crowd say hoa! And turn up the loudness on them loud packs as loud as they can go. I wanna perform purple haze but it's disallowed at the show. I scream voodoo child out aloud as I go. Do you remember that one time you won? But now you're in the past every time when you win. You can be my all, my single lady not just a single lady, And not threatened by a single lady. But only if you want to mic check 1-2. I'm one to cash a, mic check. Rest in peace pink house. I ripped a page out of my spiral and the image went viral. I saw her image in the bible, it was innocent and tribal. I hold the library liable, They info is unreliable she still voluptuously viable the vibe was, undeniable. She was entangled and untie-able, a mermaid that didn't know her net worth. I couldn't get into her small inner circle, she forbade my network. I guess no reception in these places. Unwelcome to the jungle all one word, no caps no spaces. No limit to the sky, no cap on her spaces. Out of this world I spit raps in your faces. Battle for the center of my u n i verse. Not for profit since the foundation, it was you and I first. First we burst upon the scene, your purse was so obscene, what's worse you were a teen. Didn’t you know I was going to, I didn't know if I was going to heaven or coming to earth, so I rehearsed for the in between. Now down her stream I go merrily, merrily. I holla and she screams I go “marry me marry me.” She said, make me a mother she was already Magdalene, She said Mary me, Mary me. Enormous cream, fuck! A dolla and a dream. I am on my grizzly while y'all are spawnin' or yawnin’. Y'all are barely eating. She is the naked truth ya’ll, I’m barely eating. She’s like a wavey Brazilian or kinky Mongolian. And I am her, dream weaver. I tie dollar signs into a knot, I am so not blasé. But I am on blaze. I am not there yet but I am on Waze. I have not supervised her night shift enough, but I am on daze. I stay workin. I'm so strong I'm able to make the week-end. Every number on the calendar is my on day. Figure I’m a triple O-G, I’ll just make triple O-Zs. Chronic 3,000, double entendre. I'm just tryna convey that, When I first came out West I had to con ye, Out of the hands of El Chapo. I willed my fortune, Got nice with a van of white, can I buy a vowel? Nigga you can buy fashion but you cannot buy a style. I am in the organic section and I'm about to buy, an aisle. Who gon’ stop me from being fly? Who?! I'm about to buy an owl. October’s Very Own, shout out to Drizzy Dree, Now I know a man can jump into the sky, Who fucked up the country? It's full of garbage, someone pumped into the pie. Well, we’ll know once the documents are declassified on the fourth of July. Then she decalcified the third of her eye. She could see where she was going so she bumped into this guy. She had no idea he was Mr. Write, she was bumping to this guy. I tried to tell her, she was my apple with Nutella. So long she had been missing from my vision, time seemed to zoom by. Lil’ mama let's buy some land in the mama land, we can christen it Zumbai. What a deity, she a be, and how many identities she a free, We are really doin’ this. We are really doin’ us no room for those who only try. Not a thought of being a thot. I am being Thoth, she's a student of Maat. She's from where they shot a lot, and an A student of the school of hard knocks. She alum, she has risen again. Recognized his helium, the moment he said hi.

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