G.O.O.D Morning Luv

Good morning luv Yes I’m yawning and am drooling to All-night been a special kind of food for you How very cruel of you to allow me to swim in a whole pool of you There for I wake up in the wet spot out of A-B-C-D-E-F –G is the best spot You want to get out the bed but you bet not let’s not move to fast Let’s just breakfast in bed Could you possibly enjoy feeding me as much as I enjoy being fed

Good morning Luv OOPS DID I WAKE YOU Well since your up and I am obviously up How much of this here love can I make you I won’t shake you cus I know you’d rather be stirred as I get in you by word by word by word by word by word by word by word by word by word by half word Word I am just Blessed to be in this music bed with you I was led to you Now I’m lead to like a number 2 pencil Do more than spoken words with this spoken word utensil

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