Spaceship Odyssey 2000

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How much is a Buggati? (How much is a Buggati) Well I can probably pay it (Well I can probably pay it) And how much is a rocket? (Well how much is a rocket) And how far can we take it? (And how far can we take it) In my space ship, in my outer space ship. Yeah Ridin’ in my outer space ship. Ridin’ in my outer space ship, yeah I wanna come home. (Elvis roll over x3) Outerspaceship

Hey mama, I’m going fast Zero emissions, in the Tesla blowing gas Catch a glimpse of the future on a high-speed chase Strawberry fuels is how my weed tastes I’m steady thuggin’ but these trees need a huggin’ and this is an issue that I must embrace I got a oven full of edibles and I’m feeling incredible That’s how you know that this truth is indelible Please don’t shoot put your right hand up, please don’t shoot put your left hand up. And if you bout that action, let’s stand up. I know we under that gun. Me without a pistol I’m headed for that sun, No dilithium crystals, and no photon, torpedoes, and or missiles. Finna get it poppin’ like Ozone player, but ya’ll poppin’ holes in my ozone layer Our shields are down so our fields are brown Blind to the facts nigga feel around Real nigga like me steal the crown, so I can heal the ground I’m the King of the World My message would reach more people if I sold it in a meth jar Either harness solar power, turn our sun into a death star I hope that ass can swim, cause the whole Pacific Rim, finna be under water, Being that our icebergs are slim as the author

I’m riding in my spaceship, in my Outerspace ship yeah. Riding in my spaceship, riding in my spaceship, yeah. I wanna come home. (Elvis roll over x3) Outerspaceship

Tried to silence the science of global warming but it’s way too cold Corporations poison the water, sell it back that’s their blue gold, (their blue gold) See I’m going to keep chiming in on this climate issue until it starts to ring a few bells, in a few ears Being that me and my team been had a nice buzz going like a few beers You might get it in a few years, once you’ve shed a few tears, of quality of life experience. See I only have two gears, One is no breaks, and the other is all accelerators, See I got hella haters Cause I keep exposing the fact they keep building elevators or escalators to get up off this third rock I’m on nation business and I got preferred stock (And I got preferred stock)

Getting neck in our cars but we 30 seconds from Mars No we getting’ neck in our cars, but we 30 seconds from Mars It’s a slightly smaller planet so up there we might be giants Told my daughter that the Earth was hurtin’, and she started crying Said that the atmosphere was heating up and she imagined dragons But she just barely school age, welcome to the new age I just spoke to Rev, this is what he said This is our watershed, stop pouring it over your head Or we can end up dead Or your next challenge, won’t be purchasing gas It will be buying tap water by the gallon True facts Space Odyssey two racks. G.O.O.D. Music

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